Give Yourself Some Time

Improve your aura by improving your thought process. Check the flow of your thoughts on regular basis and keep feeding your mind with fresh and positive thoughts. With a little effort you will be able to train your mind to think positive always. Friends take out some time for yourself.


True humility comes when you’re in your self_respect

UnknownYou’ll be able to remain humble in all situations if you are full and in your self_respect. When there is no self_respect any comment or criticism hurts your ego and you tend to loose your humility.Increase your confidence in whatever you do and you’ll find yourself humble. Respect yourself deeply.Believe in yourself completely.Value your beliefs and opinions.Love yourself better each day.You are worthy of great love.

Declutter Your Mind — Peace Is Within!

Long Exposure

Among the people you’ve known for a long time, who is the person who’s changed the most over the years? Was the change for the better?


I am seeing a lot of bloggers not very happy with the blog today. I ended up reading a lot of blogs and noticed that many of my friends are in a confused state of mind. So I thought I will share some meditation tips with you all 🙂


  • Can you stay without taking bath everyday? We use the best of soap to clean our body and wear the best of clothes to look good but do we ever care to clean our mind?
  • An average person generates 25000 to 50000 thoughts a day. Some of them are positive,some negative, some waste and so on.
  • Simply check the quality of your thoughts, delete the waste ones and try to cancel every negative thought with a suitable positive thought. Care for your mind, it’s your baby. Take out sometime to calm it.
  • Once you start, you will become habitual of paying attention to it at regular intervals, mind will start growing happy and healthy.
  • All it needs is a little attention and within a few days you will become habitual of deleting waste and creating positive thoughts
  • It’s true you can’t have positive life with negative thinking.
  • So my dear friends erase the past, waste, useless and negative. All you’ll experience is a harmony in relationship with yourself.
  • Beautiful mind makes world a better place to live in.
  • I don;t want to preach, I don’t want to teach. I am just opening up my mind with you as meditation is a mutual learning process. I would love to hear your views on this 🙂

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Pints Of…Long Exposure

Meditation: An important aspect of our daily routine

Fearless Fantasies

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?


Life is a gift! Lose your fear through meditation! 


  • Heart to heart conversation with god is “meditation.”
  • Sit in any posture, anywhere, anytime preferably in the early morning hours.
  • Imagine yourself sitting in front of Almighty,the source of light empowering you with happiness, peace, love, bliss, knowledge and power.                      
  • Just as we charge mobile, we need to charge our soul to think and act wisely and effectively.
  • Take the baggage of all your problems to God; be patient and stay calm, with full faith.
  • You’ll feel light and empowered; solutions will start pouring. 
  • I have experienced that unseen inner strength during trying times and want all my friends who read this blog to experience the same.
  • Always remember ”He is your guide, teacher, parent, friend, surgeon,” ever ready to help you! 
  • You just have to develop that sincere relationship.
  • He values your true love for him,not the rituals!
  • True love for God and humanity is religion.

My fellow bloggers have written beautifully.Please do read!

Daily Lessons : 7/7/2014

“If past calls you, don’t listen to it. It has nothing new to say to you!”

  • If past haunts you, shut the doors of your mind, tell the past “I’m not available!”
  • It will keep chasing you till you keep entertaining it!
  • Make mind your best friend or treat it as your little child, it’ll always follow your commands!
  • Don’t let the mind rule over you, rather keep it the other way round!